Profitieren mit Trendfolgestrategien.

"First ethical rule: If you see fraud and do not say fraud, you are fraud."
- Nassim N. Taleb. 2012. Antifragile.

Unsere Trendstrategie

Trends helfen, bei der Analyse der Märkte viel Zeit zu sparen.

Trends helfen, die Wahrscheinlichkeit für Fehler zu reduzieren.

Trends helfen, Fehlentscheidungen schnell zu erkennen.

Trends helfen, die negativen Auswirkungen von Fehlern zu minimieren.

Trends helfen, die Emotionen zu kontrollieren und sich zu disziplinieren.

Unser theoretisches Fundament

The Adaptive Markets Hypothesis: Market Efficiency from an Evolutionary Perspective
- Lo, Andrew W. 2004. Journal of Portfolio Management 30th anniversary issue: 15-29.

"The Adaptive Markets Hypothesis (AMH) implies, that
(1) the equity risk premium is not constant through time but varies according to the recent path of the stock market and the demographics of investors during the path;
(2) asset allocation can add value by exploiting the market's path dependence as well as systematic changes in behavior;
(3) all investment products tend to experience cycles of superior and inferior performance;
(4) market efficiency is not an all-or-none condition but is a characteristic that varies continuously over time and across markets; and
(5) individual and institutional risk preferences are not likely to be stable over time".
- Lo, Andrew W. 2005. "Reconciling Efficient Markets with Behavioral Finance: The Adaptive Markets Hypothesis". Journal of Investment Consulting. Vol 7, No.2.: 22.

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